Swingers Breathes New Life Into Mini Golf

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Don’t judge Swingers by its tongue-in-cheek name! The newly debuted club is actually a mini golf club, but it’s not your parents’ mini golf. The indoor venue features “crazy golf,” a British-born version that’s particularly wacky—and complemented by a few high-end touches you wouldn’t expect at your average family fun center.

Craft cocktails, high-quality street food from local vendors, and DJ-spun beats all accompany each round of mini golf at Swingers. Carefully aim your first swing with a Ferris Sour balanced in your other hand. It’s a mix of Jim Beam, Wild Turkey American Honey, ginger, pure cane syrup, and lemon. Or put down your club and devote both hands to sipping on the Red Fresh Rita, a top-shelf take on the margarita with strawberry-rose simple syrup. Toss back the signature gin and tonic or try a craft beer or glass of wine instead. To accompany your libations, nosh on bites from local street vendors such as tuTACO, Kneadza Pizza, or Succotash. From classic margherita pies to off-the-wall snacks like watermelon and fried peanuts, their menus have something for everyone.

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