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Save Room for a Seasonal Apple Turnover at Tatte Bakery & Cafe - Bennett Park Blog

Save Room for a Seasonal Apple Turnover at Tatte Bakery & Cafe

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There’s something about a cup of coffee you don’t make with your own two hands that just tastes better. Tatte Bakery & Cafe has the hot cup of joe you’ve been craving—and tons of brunch food to go with it. Complement your cup with a vanilla pistachio doughnut, a plate of challah French toast, or a slice of fresh quiche. If you stop in for lunch or dinner, dig into the classic shakshuka. It’s a North African dish that comes with the house-made challah on the side. The traditional iteration features a tomato-bell pepper sauce with eggs, onions, cumin, and feta on top. The corn and spinach shakshuka comes drizzled with Aleppo chili oil and capped off with cilantro relish, while the lamb meatball version features spicy labneh on top. You can also savor a sandwich or a tartine. The signature tartines come with a variety of ingredients, from fresh avocado and baby arugula to ham, whipped goat cheese, and a fried egg. For dessert, treat yourself to a seasonal apple turnover, a chocolate-stuffed croissant, or something more decadent, like the pumpkin seed toffee tea cake.

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